Friday, February 09, 2007

Some New Links --

Well, the doctor said that I needed to "stay quiet" for the next several days so that my bronchial infection doesn't turn into pneumonia (again). But he didn't say that I couldn't blog.

Doing a quick browse through some of my links, I have discovered some new 18th century states taking form. I have therefore added them to my links (see the side of this blog). In addition, I've added a link to Allan Tidmarsh's "Kingdom of Wittemberg". His website Diary is sort of like a blog (but not quite).

As a glance through my links will indicate, we now have a fairly substantial number of 18th century states building tabletop armies. Does this mean an interruption in the somewhat peaceful state of Europe?

We shall see?

-- Jeff

PS, If you know of any other relevent blogs, please let me know.

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